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    Welcome to the Pose Book. With all the new Poseboxes popping up lately for the Sims, I have decided to screenshot each pose in order to make it easier to find certain poses for storytellers, photographers, etc. Feel free to let me know about any new poseboxes you would like screencapped. Enjoy!
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PoseBox Links

Jaydee’s Photo Poses Box: http://www.jd-movies.com/loadingscreen.php
Decorgal’s Custom Modeling Poses Overlay Hack V2: http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=272312
Trendy Hendy’s Depression Animation Hack: http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=294571
RoseSims2 Pose Box(s): http://www.rosesims2.net/ (downloads/other page 1)
Doremifa’s Comic Pose Box: http://www.simscave.com/ferris/index.php?topic=5907.msg67521#msg67521
Dominopoker’s Pose Box: http://www.simscave.com/ferris/index.php?topic=5908.0
catdog2’s Pose Box v1: http://www.simscave.com/ferris/index.php?topic=6262.0
catdog2’s Pose Box v1.1: http://www.simscave.com/ferris/index.php?topic=6263.0
catdog2’s Pose Box v3: http://www.simscave.com/ferris/index.php?topic=6472.0
catdog2’s Pose Box v4: http://www.simscave.com/ferris/index.php?topic=6474.0
Moirae’s Pose Box: http://www.simscave.com/ferris/index.php?topic=6264.0
青貓小邑’s Pose Box v1.2: http://www.simscave.com/ferris/index.php?topic=6265.0
落日楓情’s Pose Box v1.2: http://www.simscave.com/ferris/index.php?topic=6266.0
Posing box by minttsang: http://www.simscave.com/ferris/index.php?topic=6480.0
Pose Box v1.0 by Tomang: http://raspi.oolim.net/
Posing box by mintka: http://www.simscave.com/ferris/index.php?topic=6692.0
Duma’s pose box: http://www.simscave.com/ferris/index.php?topic=6694.0
Moirae’s gods pose box: http://www.simscave.com/ferris/index.php?topic=6695.0
Gamesir pose box 3: http://www.simscave.com/ferris/index.php?topic=6696.0
Zurako’s Dante (DMC) pose box: http://www.simscave.com/ferris/index.php?topic=6699.0
Duma’s FF pose box: http://www.xmsims.com/sims2/ehtm/simerobj/simermisc07.htm#
FF pose box 2: http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=6780.0
Minanna’s pose box: http://varietylab.tistory.com/22
Berry’s Luv-Luv Posebox v1.1: http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=6794.0
Berry’s Luv-Luv Posebox v1.2: http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=6795.0
落日楓情’s Posebox 1: http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=6796.0
落日楓情’s Posebox 2: http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=6797.0
猫儿水水’s Posebox: http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=6799.0
tqnh001’s Posebox 1: http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=6800.0
mintka’s posebox 1: http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=6829.0
mintka’s posebox 2: http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=6830.0
mintka’s posebox 3: http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=6831.0
mintka’s posebox 4: http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=6832.0
Jasumi’s fashion posebox: http://www.lostutopian.com/#/jasumisfashionposes/4532277971
Eletro DJ’s CupOfPoses: http://www.pontopackage.com/ed07/f24.html
Catdog2’s MurongZiying Posebox: http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=6891.0
Minanna’s pose box 2: http://varietylab.tistory.com/
tqnh001’s posebox (gift): http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=6927.0
Posebox by lj112106: http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=7009.0
Trendy Hendy’s Natural Sitting Poses (in testing): http://trendyhendy.wordpress.com/2009/02/20/random-meshes-and-a-hack/
jasmyu’s Latin Dance posebox: http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=7188.0
stier421’s slam dunk posebox: http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=7191.0
Salia’s Posen-Versuche: http://www.all4sims.de/board/thread.php?threadid=7823
cherry_xyz’s posebox 02: http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=7236.0
Jasmyu’s sexy box: http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=7327.0
Catdogll’s Posebox v1.5: http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=7374.0
Miya’s Posebox: http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=7377.0
RayE_Scape’s BJD Posebox: http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=7425.0
stier421’s Posebox 2: http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=7431.0
Miya’s Fashion Posebox: http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=7441.0
落日楓情’s Posebox: http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=7443.0
Eletro DJ’s CupOfPoses v1.2: http://www.pontopackage.com/ed08/f15.html

(List of links by goodbye_sun)


5 Responses to “PoseBox Links”

  1. arcadata said

    What a cool site – I had no idea that there were so many of these! I don’t use pose-boxes myself since I don’t really make movies, but I’m book-marking your site for future reference in case the bug hits me. That was a great idea to have pictures of each pose for people to refer to.

  2. Hi. This is so useful to me, since theres only 4 mts3 poseboxes/poseobjects/walk-hacks.
    Thank you so very much!

  3. tatiana said

    MAN I NEVER KNEW THERE WAS SO MANY WEBSITES JUST FOR POSEBOXES!!! i’m so gonna use these in my sims 2 stories! my stories are going to be a hit! thanks for the websites i got atleast 10 poseboxes!!! that is more than i need all i needed was 1 but then i saw the others that had poses i could use for another story THANKS WEBSITE I JUST FOUND & im randomly thanking them because they found what i needed xD

  4. afrasia said

    thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i love pose box XD

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